Powered by wood, steam and paddlewheels, the steamboat was a common sight on the rivers of American during the 1800's. These boats were particularly suited to the shallow rivers they navigated. Typically they carried people and items of commerce such as food, cotton, lumber, etc. but the most famous were the very elegant gaming boats with casinos, bars and dancing. For the most part the steamboat is of a bygone era, replaced by improved roads and the railroads but you can still enjoy some of the nostalgia of the paddlewheeler era as you visit these sites: Sorry, Plug-In Not Found to Play Au File You can still find paddlewheel riverboats today, usually providing day or overnight cruises for tourists. For steamboating opportunities contact:

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Show Boat
1971 London Revival Cast

Deaf Maggie Lee Sayre : Photographs of a River Life
by Maggie Lee Sayre, Tom Rankin (Editor)

Show Boat

Down on the River
John Hartford

The Mississippi Steamboat Era in Historic Photographs : Natchez to New Orleans 1870-1920
by Jaon W. Gandy, Joan W. Gandy (Editor), Thomas H. Gandy (Editor)

Days of the Steamboats
by William H. Ewen

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